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Fatboy: Restricting Proof of Vaccination To Public Transport Operators Is Irrational

Earlier this week, the Minister of Works and Transport General Katumba Wamala withdrew the vaccination card mandate which required public transport users to show proof of vaccination at various checkpoints that were to be established on the roads.

While speaking to the Press on Wednesday, the Minister stated that the measure became difficult to execute since the public transport operators couldn't distinguish between fake and original vaccination cards, and also given the fact that many people, despite being vaccinated, had not received their cards from the Health Ministry yet.

Today on RX Radio, The Fatboy Show Presenters dug into details of the revised mandate which they said exposed the unpreparedness of the Government when making such policies, claiming that this will soon cause loss of trust from the public in the Government.

Fatboy commented, “I don't mind reverting the policies, but when you change your mind over something so obvious, it scares me that you didn't put much thought into it at first and if this is how you're making policies, I worry about the future ones.”

Olive Najjuma, also a Co-host of the Show, added that the Government has had enough time to make policies, arguing that if they are making and withdrawing the policies at the same time, it shows that they didn't put in enough research before coming up with them.

Fatboy, amused that the policy was being restricted to only drivers and conductors, said, “If the aim of these measures is to curtail the spread of Covid, then only seeking proof of vaccination from drivers and conductors is the most irrational thing because the passengers more likely spread the virus, and yet the drivers are always seated in one place and rarely turn talk to passengers.”

Olive additionally remarked, “Passengers keep coming in and out from different locations, so how is the driver and conductor protected in this case?” she wondered.

The Presenters went on to comment on the Education Ministry’s move refuting schools from asking for proof of vaccination. In a statement, the Ministry contended that no school should require proof of vaccination before being admitted to school premises.

Fatboy held that the mandates were unworkable and the Government was creating confusion by establishing and lifting the mandates, making the public lose confidence and trust in their policies.

He added, “It's like dating a boyfriend who today says he loves you today then tomorrow he's like ‘I like you or I love you or I don't know.’”

Olive then commented on this saying she doesn't do lukewarm relationships where she will either be in a relationship with someone or not. “Those things of having to talk this week and the other you’re giving me silent treatment, dude, you’d have to choose a battle and stick to it,” she concluded.

The Fatboy show is hosted by James Onen aka Fatboy, Olive, Sarah and Lesham every weekday from 6am to 10am on RX Radio.

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