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Fatboy: Regardless Of The Verdict, Johnny Depp Will Come Out Of The Trial With A Clean Reputation

Before their divorce in 2015, American Actress Amber Heard sought a restraining order in a Los Angeles court claiming instances of harassment, emotional, verbal and physical abuse against her ex-husband, also American Actor Johnny Depp.

It was not long after the couple that had got close for their character roles in Rum Diary shot in 2012 divorced and Johnny Depp gave Heard 7 million dollars as part of their divorce settlement.

However, in a fresh case, Johnny Depp sued Amber Heard for defamation, after she wrote an op-ed in The Washington Post claiming that she had experienced the full force and wrath of culture for women who spoke out on domestic abuse.

Although she didn’t mention Johnny Depp or any other individual as a perpetrator of the abuse, Johnny Depp claims that the statements damaged his career that ended his roles in different films including the John Sparrow character in Pirates of the Caribbean.

Reasoning from the recent court proceedings and evidence of abuse presented by Johnny Depp’s lawyer, The Fatboy Show presenter James Onen aka Fatboy believes that the trial will clean up Johnny Depp’s reputation.

“He has done a good job of making himself look good. so, he might actually come out of this regardless of the verdict with his reputation restored,” Fatboy said.

Daniel Omara,The Fatboy Show co host called it a “land mark” case where if he wins, it will be evidence to show that contrary to the radical feminists doctrine, men can too be subject of abuse by females.

“If he loses, it will be proof that the world doesn't really care about what guys go through because in the midst of this overwhelming evidence and testimonies from different people, if he still loses, it will be proof that men really don't matter. Because this is Johnny Depp and with his status, if he fails to get justice, what happens to the common man if we can't get justice for aman who has enough money to buy it?”

Fatboy further narrated that he was shocked that Amber Heard, beautiful as she is, could do something as insane as defecating on their marital bed. Similarly, Daniel named the act as a red zone adding that the case has only got the attention it has because the Me Too era isn't as strong as it was in 2017 when Amber Heard claimed domestic abuse.

“Which is what we've been saying from the beginning, you can’t only listen to one side of the story and call it the truth. So the agenda was pushed, it then succeeded for a bit, I hope now this is going to be part of the recovery,” he said

Fatboy in conformity said that, “yeah, let this be the start of a new paradigm in which we treat men fairly in cases of domestic violence allegations. It's important not to dismiss outright any claims but at least to listen to the accused.”

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