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Fatboy: People Should Post Their Partners On Social Media

James Onen, aka Fatboy, says posting your dating partner on social media saves a lot of time because it reveals the mysteries about them that someone wouldn’t otherwise know.

James made the statement in response to whether or not someone should tell their friend when they find that his/her partner is doing something unpleasant, for example, cheating.

According to Fatboy, when couples post each other, they can easily get exclusive information from other sources that they might have not known if they kept the relationship a secret.

“Am an advocate of posting your partner on social media. Some people say that it ruins relationships but actually, it gets ruined because people will be informing you about that person’s activities. Various stories will be brought to your attention which you’d otherwise not get if they didn't know that the person is your significant other,” Fatboy asserted.

He narrated about meeting a lady at a bar several years ago, and the two agreed on a date. During an event, a friend pulled him aside and cautioned him against her, disclosing and warning him about her being rachet. He, therefore, said posting your dating partner can save someone their time and the ugly situations they would have fallen into.

“That's why I encourage people to rescue their friends from the clutches of evil demons they are calling their boyfriends or girlfriends,” he re-emphasized.

However, Olive said she could only reveal such information depending on how close she is to her friend and how well she understands their character.

“There are ladies you will tell something about their partner, and you will become the problem. There’s that kind of friend who will take her husband’s side over mine, and there’s one that will not even tell their husband what I said and will wisely approach it maturely. Now if she’s that kind, I will tell,” said Olive.

Asked if she would want her friends to let her know in case they found out about an unpleasant behavior with her partner, Olive concurred saying that she would appreciate that her friend has got her back.

“I would take it in good stride because if I found out that my man is cheating and yet my friend knew and didn’t tell me, that would mark the end of our friendship because If you can keep away such information, I can’t trust you,” she said.

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