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Fatboy: People Need To Accept Cheating As A Part Of Life

RX Radio presenter James Onen commonly known as Fatboy said people need to recognize that cheating is a part and parcel of relationships.

“I think we are at a point where people need to accept that no one is perfect and need to receive others with their flaws. If your partner steps from a relationship, it's unfortunate, but it is a common occurrence bound to happen. Accept it as a part of life and don’t lose sleep over it,” Fatboy said

He said this in a comment to the story in which a UPDF soldier was remanded to Makindye Military Barracks for sleeping with his boss’s wife.

The soldier at the rank of Lance Corporal, John Nuwagira, was charged in the military court for having an affair with Annet Kobusingye, the wife of Lt. Robert Turyahabwe who was serving on a mission in Somalia.

The accused was arrested on March 8, 2022, and had his first hearing yesterday. He was charged with conduct prejudicial to good order and discipline contrary to some provisions under the UPDF Act of 2005, a crime he pleaded not guilty to.

Fatboy also opined that the trial could be one to set a precedent for other junior-ranking soldiers. “It is a warning to them against indulging in affairs with their counterparts' wives while their husbands are away on missions,” he added.

Olive Najjuma, the other presenter on the show reasoned that the case was taken to court just because the suspect is a junior officer. She noted that it has been rumored that high-ranking soldiers sleep around with the wives of low-ranking soldiers.

“They want to keep these young men in check but it's going to be hard because senior officers also encroach on young officers’ women all the time,” she said.

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