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Fatboy: Only you can change your life, not politicians

James Onen a.k.a Fatboy has advised Ugandans to concentrate on individual development instead of wasting their time and energy on demanding for regime change.

According to Onen, there is no politician or government that is going to change your life as since they were all cut out of the same fabric which renders them self-centered and self-seeking.

“My advice would be to focus on personal development, focus on how to make your businesses better despite the hurdles caused by bad governance because I can assure you that even if government changed today, nothing much would change, if we are lucky, we would get more of the same and if unlucky, things could get worse like in the case of Sudan, Libya and Egypt. We should learn from history, they all promise heaven but once they get in power, they don’t deliver even half of their promises,” Fatboy said during Thursday’s The Fatboy Show

Fatboy also argued that it is hard to get good leaders from a bad society adding ; “What we must focus on is society development. Uganda is not a very good society, we are dishonest, disorganized, don’t keep time and many other terrible character traits. Those are values that a leader cannot enforce, we need to teach our children values so that even if there is a bad leader, the strong society can overcome and stay on the right truck,” he said.

His co-host Olive Najjuma said that it is necessary to routinely change politicians so that a country can have fresh ideas and policies. Olive emphasized that even when the citizens are hardworking, bad politics would affect their endeavors! She added that failure to change leaders makes a country lag behind since the old will be hesitant to embrace new trends yet the world keeps evolving.

“There’s nothing like one man or the same group of leaders knowing it all. Change is always important for the growth of a country,” Olive said.

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