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Fatboy on Love and Relationships: Do not share problems with friends and family

RX Radio Presenter James Onen a.k.a Fatboy has advised lovers to be careful while sharing relationship problems with friends and family.

Fatboy while on Friday’s The Fatboy Show noted that while it is okay to seek professional counselling with one's partner, it's unbecoming for one to share their marriage challenges with friends and family because even after the challenge is solved, the friends/family may never forgive the partner in question and will start regarding them contemptuously!

“Once you share your problems with your best friend, she will also share with others and then your issues will become public. You will end up being ridiculed. Everyone has marriage problems, but they come to pass. If you must seek for help, go to a professional because at least they are obligated to keep issues secret due to therapist-client privilege” he said.

His co-host Olive Najjuma said that although it is not good to share every nitty gritty of a relationship with outsiders, it is important to have a trusted person one can share their problems with in case the issue at hand is a serious one like domestic violence.

“I guess it all boils down to the kind of friends one has! Friends are like seasons so one has to distinguish which friend is good to share certain information with. Issues like domestic violence, child molestation and rape should never be kept a secret. One must always speak up before it's too late. But other issues like a husband's poor performance during consumation, or simple disagreements between the said couple, one can try to privately seek a solution," Olive said.

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