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Fatboy: Older Women Searching For Love Need To Manage Their Expectations

As women grow older, finding a partner tends to become a laborious experience as fewer men tend to find them attractive and suitable partners to spend the rest of their lives with.

Russian Supermodel Paulina Porizkova is no exception as she narrated her struggle finding love at 56, while being hosted at the Manopod Podcast by Larry Pollack and Mike Essrig. She said that she is now invisible to men and how dating at her age is a “disaster” with all the good men taken and the ones available are those nobody else wants.

On The Fatboy Show today, James Onen aka Fatboy said that although he would take interest in dating women close to his age, they tend to have high expectations.

“As a man approaching 50 and interacting with my female peers, even if I were to take interest in them, they have so much baggage. Certainly they have children, most times divorced or separated from long-term partners and to make things worse, they come to the dating scene with lots of expectations. And yet you'd think that a normal person would lower their expectations given what they would be bringing. In the end, a guy like me would fail to meet those standards or might not even be bothered to meet them,” he said.

His co-host Daniel Omara reasoned that as women grow older, they have a lot less options in comparison to men who begin to have more options as they age.

“I found Porizkova’s remarks hilarious because she had a successful 30 year career as a supermodel and yet you are invisible to men now! I am like ‘Welcome to our twenties as men.’ As a twenty-year-old man, we are not just invisible, we are irrelevant. Because at that age, we don't have the resources to take care of you the way you want us to. So when you're a top tier man who might be attractive to these older women, you will also have plenty of options of going for younger women because as men we are attracted to youth and beauty.”

Omara added that although a 56-year-old woman may not look unattractive, a man in the same age category would still opt for younger women.

Fatboy then went on to propose that aging women should accept to lower their standards and expectations from men they want to date if they are to find lasting companions.

“For the elderly, sorry the ladies of advanced age who are out there trying to find partners and don't want to be invisible, manage your expectations and understand that you are not bringing fertility and probably you are coming with other men’s children into the relationship. So to compound that by coming in with a huge attitude and feeling of entitlement is just going to make a lot of men turn away,” the Presenter advised.

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