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Fatboy: Not Even The Covid-19 Sensors Are Effective

In an attempt to prevent exposure and contraction of Covid-19, scientists from all over the world have made technological developments like Covid-19 sensors in the form of activity trackers and smart watches.

Commenting on this, Fatboy, co-hosting the show alongside Lesham and Joel, said that the sensors were a futile advancement because they don't protect against infection.

“I am guessing that the technology detects the virus by analyzing the particles that have reached it to give the information. But by the time it has reached you that is wearing the sensor, aren't you already exposed to the virus?” He questioned.

“Because by the time it detects Covid, it means the virus has already reached your face, eyes, mouth and everything else,” He added.

Lesham chipped in, saying that people should be left to acquire natural immunity that comes with infection since it has proved to be more effective than vaccination.

“Based on human nature and evolution, we know that our bodies can adapt to an infection after getting used to it. Flue used to kill people but right now, we just get sick for a day or two and then we are fine. I feel that Covid should be left to get to this point. Because now vaccinating people quadruple times is insane,” she said.

Joel commented that soon capitalists will be selling the products as a package and scooping exorbitant profits from the enterprise. “I can't wait for when we start accessorizing these sensors like matching them with the masks and outfits just to be sold as a complete set,” he joked.

Like Lesham, Fatboy thinks it’s better for governments to accept that Covid is an endemic illness which calls for people to adjust to their normal lives as long as they take the recommended immune boosters and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The Fatboy show is hosted by James Onen aka Fatboy, Olive, Sarah and Lesham every weekday from 6am to 10am on RX Radio.

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