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Fatboy: Mzee Jemba Has Shown Us That One Can Find Love In Old Age

As images of an elderly man reading funeral announcements went viral on social media, Mzee Jemba Matte, 68, a local farmer from Kayunga has since become the new celebrity in town with hundreds of memes created from his pictures.

As of this week, Jjemba is once again trending in the news with his new girlfriend, a young attractive lady in her twenties. The two were pictured in spa robes sitting by a swimming pool sipping on juice.

Today morning on The Fatboy show, James Onen aka Fatboy, wowed by the new life of the elderly man said, “What an inspiration! Some of us who aren't married get concerned that we shall die alone or enter old age alone. Will no one want me when I am older?”

However, Olive Najjuma, a co-host on the show, comforted him by saying, “All is not lost. Look at Mzee Jjemba, you look much better than him and I think at his age, you'll even look better.”

Fatboy, optimistic, said that he was unsure if Jjemba had found love, despite looking like he was it.

Olive then chortled at this as she recounted, “His girlfriend actually commented that she doesn't love him for his money or his celebrity status but for him as a person.”

Fatboy, amused, then concluded that at whatever age one is, they can still find love; adding that one shouldn’t be in a rush given that there could be plenty in store for their future.

Whereas some people on social media joked about being worried about Mzee Jjemba’s nerves that might not be able to handle the young lady’s energy, Olive thought he needed it to keep himself feeling alive just like many other sugar daddies.

The Fatboy show is hosted by James Onen aka Fatboy, Olive, Sarah and Lesham every weekday from 6am to 10am on RX Radio.

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