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Fatboy: My Partner Used to use love charms on me

RX Radio Presenter James Onen has revealed that an ex-partner used to use love charms on him to make him love her more.

Fatboy said that at one point, his partner who would normally not cook any food started welcoming him home with homemade tasty food which he thought was surprising.

“We had just an argument the previous night and I came home the next day and found a good home-made meal. Later my house maid called me and said she saw my partner pulling something from her pocket which she then mixed in the soup. I had also noticed that the food was always made with a lot of soup. This real shocked me,” he said.

Fatboy with his co-host Olive Najjuma during Monday’s The Fatboy show were discussing increasing cases of murdering albino’s for witchcraft purposes.

“I believe witchcraft is a phycological game. The witch doctor gives one some random herbs to use then directs them to do certain things that would make them more appealing to their partner. My partner was making us meals, my attitude towards her became more positive and in her mind, she started thinking that her charms were working which is laughable,” he said.

Olive noted that a lot of women are being played to believe love charms real work when in actual sense only good manners, actions and effort would determine how their partner would react or treat them.

“Women are being told by witchdoctors to bath often, clean the house, be silent when their husbands are arguing, try not to be nagging, make an effort to prepare good meals. They then asked them to mix in certain herbs in the food arguing that this would have an effect on their partners because men love to be taken care of. What they don’t understand is that it’s the change in behaviour and attitude that has an effect on their partners, rather that the charms,” she said.

Olive noted that killing people like albinos for riches and/or love charms is despicable!

“Albinos are people like us, just that they lack the melanin component in their skin which makes them look different. Killing such people because one desires to improve their financial status or love life is just pure evil and stupid,” she added.

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