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Fatboy: My Favourite Year Was 2003

On The Fatboy Show today, while sharing about the favorite years the presenters would wish to return to if granted the chance, James Onen mentioned that it would be 2003.

James mentioned that it was the year he got exposed to various software, which has helped him learn the skills he has held onto to date.

“My favorite year is 2003 because it was when I began to explore a lot of computer technology, focusing on audio and video production. It was like a breakthrough because I had never been exposed to something like that, and it was so enjoyable. It paved way for me to do everything that I do today in audio and video technology,” he narrated.

Further, he stated that the year was not his best because it was free of challenges. During that time, he was unemployed and figuring out what to do but would choose to get back to it if he had a chance.

Meanwhile, Olive Najjuma narrated that she would choose to go back to 2011, saying it was her best.

“2011 was the year I got my first job, and I met someone special. Surprisingly, all these good things happened around August to the end of the year. I graduated in August, and by September 15th, I got my first job. Many of my peers were not employed yet, so it was a big achievement for me,” she recounted.

Mrisho, a participant on the show said 2020 was his best year despite the outbreak of covid-19 and the lockdowns.

“That was the year I got a breakthrough in almost everything I was doing despite the pandemic. Being social workers, I and my friends forged ideas of how we would live in the pandemic. We got some good funding and some good money during that time,” he recalled.

Also, he added that in the same year, he found his significant other making it his best year overall.

The Fatboy show is hosted by James Onen aka Fatboy, Olive, and Sarah every weekday from 6 am to 10 am on RX Radio.

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