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Fatboy: Muhoozi’s Posturing Towards Presidency Is Immature

Judging from his tweets, role in mending relations between Uganda and Rwanda and his national 48th birthday celebrations, many Ugandans have started believing the reality of the Muhoozi Project.

Using his favourite social media Platform,Twitter, the Commander Land Forces Lt Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba spilled that when his MK team wins power, “which it will,” he will first have Uganda’s sports budget increased.

This left many Ugandans believing the First son’s intentions for presidency, setting off nationwide debate of his capability to rule the country.

In scrutiny of his preparedness to stand as the next Ugandan President, The Fatboy Show Presenter James Onen aka Fatboy judged that the first son isn't ready for the position because of his loose hand in domestic politics.

“I feel like he jumped over a few steps that would be necessary, because after mediating efforts between Uganda and Rwanda, he then jumped to having a national birthday to which I think was a leap,” Fatboy said.

Adding that, “from the success of Rwanda he should have embarked at spearheading local development projects for example the youth thing he has been talking about, of stadiums, sports and arts, or even run successful campaigns which he would have used as a backdrop to ask the public if he should run for President. I feel like he has not obtained his chops in domestic politics and so I think his posturing towards Presidency is immature.”

Similarly, The Fatboy Show Co host Olive Najjuma believed the evident efforts seem to be a rush to launch the First Son and yet he hasn't used the resources and power he has to promote his agenda that will present him as a potential candidate in the eyes of the public.

She further contemplated that, “could it be that they have this bloated sense of love or entitlement that they think ‘people love us’ or ‘we can get away with anything we want to do’, because if we speak about the birthday as a launch, the timing was quite bad. Look at the prevailing economic times we are living in as Ugandans. You can't make such a pompous event to launch your son in power yet people are really struggling to survive.”

The First Son celebrated his birthday in a public event on April 24, 2022 at Lugogo Cricket Oval which ended with a dinner at state house. The birthday was attended by Rwandan President Paul Kagame, President Museveni and other UPDF officials.

He has also declared that the birthday celebrations are still ongoing and will only end when he asks his supporters to stop.

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