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Fatboy: Most women are Social Climbers

Following an incident earlier this week where the retired Archbishop of Church of Uganda Ntagali Stanley was suspended from carrying out priestly duties because of having an extra-marital affair with a married Woman, people are blaming the woman, Judith Tukamuhebwa, for trapping and seducing the man of God.

A number of online news outlets allege that the woman has been blackmailing the Archbishop and extorting money from him.

It is also alleged that Judith has been doing the same thing to several men. She is married to Reverend Christopher Tugumeahabwe in 2018 but was already seeking divorce from him.

While appearing on his Fatboy morning show today Friday 22/01/2021, James Onen aka Fatboy noted that Judith, like most socialite women must have target the Archbishop because of his status and money.

“Most women are social climbers and status seekers. They are always looking for a richer man that they can trap and use. It is unfortunate that the Archbishop fell in this woman’s trap. From what I have heard, she is not a very good person,” Fatboy Said.

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