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Fatboy: Most Men Are In Relationships Just For Sex

Amidst the waves and negativity surrounding long-term relationships, one wonders how relationships and marriage are maintained.

Today on The Fatboy Show, while exploring a similar question, James Onen voiced that many relationships are still intact because of the sex involved.

According to Fatboy, while in a relationship, men value sex the most, that women would be surprised about how much they can get away with if they are providing good sex to their partners.


“Most women in Kampala do not cook or do anything more, but we date them for good sex,” he said.

Fatboy was replying to Caroline, a caller on the show, who reasoned that relationships can be maintained by understanding the values of each other before commitment.

She mentioned values like open communication, shared responsibilities, and respecting one another. Fatboy, however, maintained that sex is the most important and it is the reason men keep in relationships.

“Many ladies need to realize that in relationships, most guys are there for sex. You better not downgrade the quality,” he advised.

However, Caroline argued that she had been in a 2-year relationship with limited sexual experiences since it was long distance one. She only separated from her partner because of their religious values.

“I got to understand that values matter most in a relationship. Everyone starts with the sex, hype, and lust until it gets down to living together,” she said.

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