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Fatboy: Mental Health Will Soon Be Used As An Excuse For Everything

Following threats by 15 Spanish female football players to resign from the national team, James Onen, The Fatboy Show presenter, said that mental health will soon be used to justify people’s incompetence.

Fifteen players on the Spanish FA (RFEF) threatened to quit the team if their coach Jorge Vilda is not fired. The players claimed they were unhappy with their coach’s management of injuries and team selection affecting their emotional state and health.

Fatboy opined that soccer being a professional game, has to be treated with the seriousness and professionalism it requires.

“If the coach is handling things in a tough way, trying to keep the teammates in line, I suggest they get in line, train and practice to make their country proud,” he said.

Olive agreed, adding that when the team members expressed their will to quit or have the coach fired, she thought sexual harassment was the issue.

“There was no report on sexual harassment. If they are alleging emotional abuse, they need to understand that football is a competitive sport and admission to the national team requires tough love. Ronaldo and Messi of this world did not make their names due to coddling.”

Fatboy continued that people, especially the young, are using mental health as an excuse for being accountable for their actions.

“I hesitate to jump on the mental health bandwagon. I acknowledge that it is an issue worth discussing, but worried that people are not used to not living up to their obligations. Soon, wives will approach their husbands for school fees, and the husbands will reply that their mental health is being disturbed,” he said.

He, therefore, encouraged young people to understand that the world is tough and need to develop a thick skin because they will always face adversity. “If you are looking for success in life, the challenges will be stressful, and that is why you have to develop a thick skin.”

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