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Fatboy: Men Should Get Women That Love Money

James Onen, The Fatboy Show presenter, has advised fellow men to get themselves women that love money because they will motivate them to work harder.

“If you end up with a woman that accepts the simple basic things in life, chances are, you both won't prosper because you will be comfortable at that level, she is not encouraging you to hustle harder, and you both live a non-progressive life,” he said.

James continued, “I advise men to get women that love money because they motivate you to work harder.

Furthermore, Fatboy argued that women who love money have for the longest time been called gold diggers and other unpleasant names. Perhaps, he thought it is time to acknowledge their brighter side.

Olive, the co-presenter of the show, asserted that usually, it is the broke men that call women gold diggers because they have no money to offer, hence the complaints.

“It is like being in a desert but worried about drowning, yet there is no rain. Some men do not have the money but always grumping about gold diggers, Come on, which gold are you going to give them or are they going to dig from you?” she queried.

Cynthia, a contributor on the show, confessed her love for money and would like a guy approaching her to know the same.

However, she noted that though many men have succeeded because their wives push them to work hard, men equally push themselves to acquire the power that comes with wealth.

“I believe that no one loves money more than men because it gives them power,” she said.

Reacting to Cynthia's submission, Fatboy disagreed, saying women motivate men to make money. Upon accumulating the cash, they begin to realize the power that comes with it, doing things they would not have done as broke men, feeding their egos even more and prompting them to accumulate more wealth.

The Fatboy show is hosted by James Onen aka Fatboy, Olive, and Sarah every weekday from 6 am to 10 am on RX Radio.

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