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Fatboy: Men Die Earlier Because They Take More Dangerous Risks Than Women

Research globally has shown that the life expectancy for men is way lower than that of women. The lifespan of women is 7 percent longer than that of men, meaning that men are more vulnerable to premature deaths than women.

Still, according to research, men die earlier than women because of their lifestyles such as taking on life-threatening risks, something has to do with their biological nature. They get into dangerous jobs like serving in the military and working at construction sites. In addition, they tend to be disconnected from social life, and avoid medical checkups, hence increasing their chances of living shorter lives than women.

“I think the testosterone hormone makes us more aggressive, and we partake of risky acts. To us, if it is not risky, it is not fun. Unfortunately, some men push it to the extreme for instance, having unprotected sex with sex workers,” James Onen said during The Fatboy Show.

Her co-host Olive Najjuma in agreement said women live longer because of their cautiousness and nature. “We have menstruation periods every end of the month. it is reported that shedding blood helps us live longer by helping us to create new cells.”

She further explained that the heartbeat of women increases during menstruation making the blood cells even stronger.

Brian, a contributor to the show, opined that men die earlier than women because they take more risks about almost everything. From their health, hygiene, and aggressiveness on the road yet women do the vice-versa.

He continued that sometimes men are too egoistic that it becomes self-destructing. “Men sometimes act manly and refuse to seek help about things disturbing their mental health. That's why they take on risky behaviors such as driving recklessly because they feel hurt and have no way of expressing themselves because of the fear that they will be ridiculed.”

For instance, he explained that a man could be facing domestic violence, but won't report the case for fear of being laughed at. But a woman will easily get help in such circumstances because it will be considered normal in her case.

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