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Fatboy: Maybe Canary Gives His Wife 600k As “Kameeza” Money

Fatboy has opined that NBS Television journalist Canary Mugume might actually be leaving 600K as daily allowance for his wife Fiona Nagirinya alias Sasha Fergurson.

The senior journalist disclosed that he provides 600,000 shillings to his wife as kameza money per day in a Twitter response to a follower that had asked him for the same amount. Many have since thought that Canary was merely boasting given the known tiny salaries that journalists in the country earn.

Olive Najjuma contested the claim asking Fatboy how realistic leaving such a sum per day would be in a country where even the manager of a bank earns 20 million shillings monthly.

“Well you know what people say about him, and the kind of friends he has in different places, maybe he can actually afford it,” said Fatboy, who believed that Canary must have been flossing.

The presenters derived the subject from Kampala Housewives who took to the street yesterday protesting against the little “kameza” money that is left by their husbands. These held placards with statements such as “wives also deserve trips to Dubai, “prices have gone up but Kameeza money hasn't increased.”

“But even so I think a good wife is one that can manage a home at minimal costs. You don't want a woman who’s constantly asking you for money and draining your pocket but this “kameza”, means you want to be left with money everyday? Fatboy asked in comment to the protest.

He added that it would be obvious that partners in a family setting are expected to have a monthly budget in place that caters for home essentials hence the redundancy of leaving kameeza money.

However Olive said that this somewhat works for the middle class while other people might be living on a hand to month and others may just be stuck in a poverty mindset of seeing whole month shopping as wastage yet in most instances the money spent everyday could be saved.

She still argued that some women could be working but still expect daily upkeep from their husbands “and this is not like am intending to reigning on the parade of married women but am like plan, because even with that 500k or 300k, you can budget for a month, you can improvise and add your own money.”

The women belonging to the Association of housewives staged at Usafi, Mulago and Garden City roundabouts. They were taken to the Central Police station where they were asked to make a formal gathering for their grievances. Following their engagement with police, the group will hold a women’s conference on Wednesday April 13, 2022 at NCC in Naguru.

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