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Fatboy: Marriage Sometimes Constrains A Woman From Achieving Her dreams

While debating about “why most women thrive after divorce” on the Fatboy show, James Onen widely known as Fatboy posited that sometimes marriages constrain women from accomplishing their goals.

“Maybe it behooves us to acknowledge the reality of most marriages that sometimes, a marriage can constrain a woman from pursuing her dreams. Women get married and devote their lives to taking care of the children and husband who will constrain her from going for further studies or working late,” said Fatboy.

Olive Najjuma, The Fatboy Show co-host asked Fatboy whether he thought that many marriages are ending because women are chasing their aspirations or because of the empowerment a woman can quit a toxic marriage.

Fatboy in response said that empowerment seems to be an overriding cause that also makes women thrive when they divorce. He however was pessimistic of whether it was something to celebrate that was in the due course heightening the number of broken families.

According to Fatboy, some women will divorce because they are already thriving in business/ career.

But Olive in disagreement said that sometimes the couple may start hustling their way out, each in their careers but at a certain stage the man may lose focus yet the woman stays on point and eventually she starts carrying the responsibilities of the home alone hence a divorce.

Fatboy noted that, most times these are the kinds of women who aren't very hungry for commitment. “For me I like them because they have a lot of money, you eat for free, you ain't gotta spend money to entertain these ladies. In fact they are the ones calling you, taking you to expensive restaurants, they are just pulling out master cards and platinum cards, paying for everything,” he said.

But Olive reminded him of how on one of the shows he swore to feeling guilty for chewing a woman’s money. However, in his defense, Fatboy said that “well, I think if it is a divorced woman, I feel less guilty.”

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