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Fatboy: Life In North Korea Is Like ‘ Squid Game’

In commemoration of North Korea’s late president Kim Jong-il who was also his father, current President Kim Jong Un has put in place a strict ban on laughing, drinking and shopping for an 11-day mourning period that started on 17 December, 2021.

The odd events, according to Fatboy, prove right what people have always described North Korea as- an extremely repressive country that is quite different from its neighbor South Korea despite having similarities in heritage.

“It's crazy that this country is like a real life squid game so we have to be grateful about ours. With everything that's going on in Uganda, at least you can laugh and shop. Say all you want about this country but at least it's not that bad,” he said.

Olive, appalled that citizens were stopped from laughing yet its is an uncontrollable emotion that can happen at the even the most serious of events, said, “When my mum died, I would see people crying and some of them honestly looked so funny that I would laugh, but then on remembering that my mum had died, I would cry. I think certain emotions can't be controlled and making it a decree that for these days you’re not supposed to laugh is just bizarre.”

Fatboy additionally noted that North Korea is a ruthless country that is penalizing those that defy the ban by subjecting them to death by firing squad or giving them difficult punishments such as sentencing them to hard labor in mines.

Olive also commented on how during this period, the ban doesn't allow people to bury a deceased relative until it is lifted. This left her wondering how people would go about such a situation where they are not allowed to cry out loud in expression of grief.

Every year since his father's death, Kim pays respects at the memorial of his father. This year, the mourning period has been extended to 11 days as this is the 10th death anniversary of the late.

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