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Fatboy: It Would Be Shocking If Women Trusted Men Taking Birth Control Pills

While talking about the birth control pills for men, RX Radio and Fatboy Show presenter James Onen said he would be shocked if women trusted men to take birth control pills to avoid unwanted pregnancies.

The Presenter made the assertions after co-host Lesham revealed that according to science, new technological advancements were being done to create male birth control pills that will reduce the post effects of some birth control methods women use.

Without mentioning statistics, she said men agree that a number of women are non- condom friendly even when their sexual partners are willing to use them.

“People are trying to find another way that if a man can take a pill, maybe that will lower men’s testosterone and stop sperm production without stopping functionality,” she said.

Fatboy said he was curious about the contraception and questioned whether the pill effects do not happen over a period of time. Lesham reportedly said that the pills take effect after an estimated period which the man has to take on a daily basis.

However, she noted that the male pills would be of help since a man can impregnate a woman every day of the year whereas a woman can get pregnant once annually.

Fatboy in comment said; “I know a lot of men will find it cumbersome and also there’s a bit of hypocrisy there because it's also cumbersome for women to take birth control pills. But I would be shocked if women would feel comfortable trusting a man taking the pills.”

“So if we are getting together and you're not on birth control and I'm like don't worry I took the pill my question is; would you feel safe? I would imagine that even after you would be like ‘what if he was deceiving me?”

Fatboy added that women's birth control pills like morning after pill at least provide confidence against unwanted pregnancies because even if a man is not sure of their partner being on birth control, they can watch them swallow the pills and know that they will be effective immediately. However he also proposed abstinence saying it is the best birth control measure to use after condoms.

The Fatboy show is hosted by James Onen aka Fatboy, Olive, Sarah and Lesham every weekday from 6am to 10am on RX Radio.

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