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Fatboy: It's Certain That Our President’s Wife Doesn't Call The Shots

Unlike Presidents whose tenures have been dominated by their wives, Fatboy Show presenter James Onen said that he is thankful for President Museveni who takes charge over his business.

This was during The Fatboy Show on Monday morning as James Onen commonly known as Fatboy and his co-host Olive Najjuma talked about the governance of Kenya under the late President Mwai Kibaki who was pronounced dead last Friday afternoon.

The Kenyan former leader had served two presidential terms from 2003 - 2013. But his second re-election is remembered for having caused countrywide protests and tension that displaced over 600,000 Kenyans and left over 1,200 dead as Raila Odinga, his opponent, opposed the election results insisting that the election had been rigged.

On 22, April, 2022, Kibaki was reported to have breathed his last by Kenya’s current President Uhuru Kenyatta who praised the late for having been a patriot and a statesman.

However, commenting on Kibaki’s leadership, Fatboy stated that, “right now we make fun of Will Smith and Johnny Depp but Mwai Kibaki also looked like a man in prison.”

They referred to the Lucy Kibaki who prompted her husband to make a press address notifying that she was the only woman he had as opposed to some media allegations that Kibaki had a mistress.

Olive added that strong leaders such as Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe are said to have had his government run on the snap of her fingers.

“A lot of them give off the vibe since they are henpecked by their wives and because of that, I'll give credit to our president. He most certainly doesn't look like his wife calls the shots at all,” said Fatboy.

Olive wondered whether the situation would be similar if Winnie Byanyima was. But having supported her husband’s political career for a short while, the two reasoned that she landed a fine job.

She further opined that just like it is in the religious sector where wives don't become pastors by virtue of their husbands being, so should politics be where wives shouldnt be given this much authority to oversee and take actions on behalf of their husbands when they are in presidency since they do so without being civil servants.

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