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Fatboy: It's A Mistake For Couples To Commit When They're Just Starting Out

According to RX Radio hosts James Onen and Olive Najjuma, it's ridiculous for couples to commit to each other after a few months of dating.

The presenters said many new couples commit in the heat of the relationship before experiencing the worst sides of each other.

“A woman can meet a guy, and she will see that he is kind and nice. She keeps thinking that person is a good man to be with but has not completely exhausted his character. She hasn't seen him in hard situations, for instance, when he doesn’t have money or when he has lost his job. She only considers the aesthetics of kindness yet she could be dealing with something deep-rooted and might just want a father figure to be nice to her,” said Olive.

Their conversation was derived from a conversation on whether a single mom’s baby daddy describes the type of men she is attracted to.

As Olive pointed out, women sometimes rush into having children with a partner during the excitement of a new relationship.

Onen, alias Fatboy, also said, “It is a mistake both men and women make. It is during the good times that we decide to commit to each other, and yet it is precisely the worst moment to make that decision. Obviously, you want to be together when things are good without considering whether you would want to be with them when things turn upside down.”

Olive explained that many women end up single mums because of these rush decisions. “How do you know the guy will be there for the long haul if you conceive in 3 months of knowing him? She questioned.

Fatboy said that part of why nowadays many men are marrying late is because they want to take their time to see if their partner will stick around even during the bad times.

The Fatboy show is hosted by James Onen aka Fatboy, Olive, and Sarah every weekday from 6 am to 10 am on RX Radio.

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