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Fatboy: Is The Ministry Of Health Getting Rid Of Covid-19 Vaccines?

Fatboy has probed the Ministry of Health’s recommendation of the combined intake of booster shots by UN staff in the country who are fully vaccinated.

This was during The Fatboy Show as he and Olive Najjuma talked about the controversies regarding vaccine boosters and vaccine mandates that may be put into place to access services next year.

On December 21 2021, the Ministry of health approved the intake of booster jabs for all UN staff in the country who had already received both doses of their preferred vaccines.

The Ministry commended that those who got Astrazeneca vaccine could get Pfizer and Moderna boosters; those that got Moderna vaccine could use Astrazeneca, Pfizer and Moderna; Astrazeneca for those that got Sinovac and Sinopharm vaccine; and lastly, those that got Johnson and Johnson could get Pfizer or Moderna boosters.

“Never have I ever heard that vaccines can be mixed up anyhow because even if it's something like Malaria, you can't be advised to take both Chloroquine and Fansider,” Fatboy said.

“Typically you are advised to avoid mixing these drugs because you could create a potential drug resistant strain of that pathogen. I wonder why this is not being considered when advising people on this because I have a feeling they all have a different effect on a person.”

According to Olive, it has often been reported that the vaccines are too many on the shelf with limited numbers taking them yet they are not that durable. “I think the government is trying to get rid of them so that the donors can send in more when the new year begins.”

Fatboy agreed, saying, “It feels like there’s so many vaccines left that they are concerned because some people may not be sure which vaccine boosters to take. So the Ministry is like ‘it doesn't matter, just take!”

Fatboy, convinced that the President will fully reopen the economy as promised, says he didn't give details of how they will operate which might require people to offer proof of vaccination to access certain services and places.

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