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Fatboy: Is Jada Pinkett Recognizing Will’s Act Of Violence Or Just Worried About The Results of The

Two weeks after American actor Will Smith slapped Chris Rock at the Academy awards, he continues to make headlines globally and commentary amidst the jeopardy of losing his career.

William Smith hit Chris Rock at the Oscars Ceremony after Rock joked about Jada Pinkett’s condition. Since then, Will has been in the news and on social media. He apologized for his actions and resigned from the Academy.

In the light of what happened, Jada had kept in the behind scenes till April 8, 2022 when she broke her silence and said that she wished Will had't hit Rock although she admitted that she wasn't angry at him.

She (Jada) actually laughed when Chris Rock said, ‘Will has just slapped the shit out of me.”And now she wishes that Will hadn't gotten physical. Really, isn't this just PR now! Fatboy exclaimed during the Fatboy Show on Monday morning.

He continued, “let's say that she genuinely wishes Will Smith did not assault Chris Rock, is she saying this out of principle that it is wrong to get physical with someone or she is now worried about the consequences of their altercation?”

Daniel Omara, the show co-host, agreed to the fact that Jada’s confessions are public relations. He, like Fatboy, recognized how hard it was going to be for Smith to get himself back into his career and sell movies where he’s the dominant character such as Bad Boys 4.

“I said this before and people thought I was playing. If you watch Bad Boys 2 carefully, you’ll see Will Smith’s actual temper,” he said.

2 weeks after Will slapped Rock, he was eventually banned from the Oscars gala and all other Academy events for the next 10 years. Additionally movies projects such as Fast and Loose where the actor was playing a leading role have been halted by Netflix, and others such as Bad Boys 4 have been paused.

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