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Fatboy: Is Akon fooling President Museveni with his futuristic city promise?

Rx Radio presenter James Onen aka Fatboy has questioned the reality of renowned Senegalese –American Musician and investor Akon’s promise to build a futuristic city in Uganda.

The government of Uganda promised to give the R&B singer a piece of land where he will build his city that will be run on crypto currency. The 47-year old singer is currently in Uganda with his wife on a business trip and has already met with the president of Uganda to whom he made the promise to build the futuristic city that will attract tourists and also spur development in the country.

Akon’s announcement was met with skepticism from Ugandans who feel he is being unrealistic considering the many challenges Ugandans have. Some have branded Akon a con-artist that is looking to scam the president of Uganda.

While on Friday’s The Fatboy show, Fatboy noted that Ugandans were justified to question and doubt Akon’s intentions as his promise to build his own city in different African countries seems out of this world since he’s yet to build one in his native country, Senegal.

“It is also embarrassing for the president of Ugandan to be easily accessed and coaxed by each and every artist that requests to meet him. Someone like Akon reaching out to state house and requesting to meet the president because he wants to invest in the country should have been ignored and not given the red carpet like it was. Our President is making himself very ‘Available’ which is not good for his image.

His co-host Olive Najjuma noted that Akon had come to Uganda to support his wife’s investments but must have been lured by some Ugandans into the idea of building a futuristic city for their personal gains.

“Since I saw Bebe Cool, Kenzo and other celebrity Ugandans with Akon and wife in Kazo, I wouldn’t be surprised if they arranged for the meeting between the two groups. He also mentioned that he’s not bothered by comments that he’s working with a known dictator, arguing that democracy wasn’t made for Africa!” she said.

Akon is yet to realise his ambitious vision for a futuristic city powered by a crypto currency called Akoin on land given to him by the Senegalese government

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