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Fatboy: If The Speaker Gets Assassinated, The Country Will Be Sinking Into A Dark Place

Following claims of a planned assassination on her life, the Speaker Of Parliament Anita Among yesterday presented to parliament a report confirming that a car with suspected assassins was tracking her movements.

In reaction to the situation, police spokesperson Fred Enanga yesterday confirmed that joint security teams are aware of the threats to the speaker's life and are to act accordingly.

He noted that the security agencies such as the Special Investigations Division (CID), the Chieftancy of Military Intelligence, the Internal Security Organisation(ISO) and the Directorate of Crime Intelligence in Police picked interest in the case and ready to pin down the alleged assassins.

“Is this not another deadly chapter of political violence we have seen in this country?” James Onen, commonly known as Fatboy asked during The Fatboy Show.

Adding, “if she falls victim to yet another assassination, it will suggest that Uganda is sliding into a very dark period.”

In her comment, Olive Najjuma, the Show co-host said, “If people that are seemingly protected are targeted and easily eliminated, it shows how weak our security is.”

Similarly, a caller on the show named Pius said Police needs to act early now that it is aware of looming assassins targeting the Speaker, instead of acting later when the damage can't be reveresed.

More reports from the Speaker revealed that one of her bodyguards absconded from work and that she recieves phone calls from people warning her that the assassination is being plotted by the first lady Janet Kataha Museveni.

Pius continued that the disappeared bodyguard might have exclussive information about the assassination plot, which demands investigations and not just arbitrary arrests of suspects.

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