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Fatboy: If The Protestors In Canada Win, It Will Be Political Suicide

Whereas more countries continue to lift Covid restrictions and drop vaccination mandates, in Canada, the delayed easing of Covid-19 measures have for 2 weeks spurred nationwide protests, invoking emergency overriding powers across all provinces by the country’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

The emergency measure was enacted on Monday to deal with the countrywide “Freedom Convoy” protests that were started by truckers who repelled the government’s Covid-19 vaccination and quarantine mandates imposed on them before crossing the border from US to Canada. These blocked movement and brought businesses in the country’s capital Ottawa to a standstill while inciting Covid-19 protests in other countries such as France and Israel.

Recognizing the dilemma that requires tough decisions which could potentially backfire, James Onen aka Fatboy commented on how the Prime Minister was between a rock and a hard place.

“I think that he is trying to save face. Trudeau might have been considering easing the restrictions in the near future, but since the protests have been ongoing, if he is to relent or cut back on any of them, it will make him look weak. That's why he’s insisting on trying to show that he has power,” Fatboy said.

He added, “If in anyway he announces any easing of restrictions, it will be seen as a victory that the people stood against him and won; and if he allows that, it will be political suicide.”

His Co-presenter Olive Najjuma reasoned that bowing to the pressure of protesters will not only make the Prime minister look weak but will also require lifting all the current restrictions.

“The protests began against the new policy that required truck drivers to get vaccinated before crossing the US-Canada border or quarantining on return. But now, it has become a rally against all prevailing Covid-19 restrictions such that if they win, they will all have to be lifted.”

Canada, a state considered one of the most liberal countries in the world has enacted the Emergencies Act for the first time in its history under a federal government, which among others makes engagement in public assembly illegal and a breach of peace, freezing accounts of institutions financing the protests, imposing a fine of 5000 dollars for anyone who breaches the enacted act orders as well as facing imprisonment of upto 5 years.

“Here in Uganda, we don’t have any of those restrictions, no lockdown, no curfew, nothing. Life is good and we are enjoying so much freedom, just don’t abuse people on Twitter and you’ll be good,” said Fatboy.

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