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Fatboy: If President Zelenskyy Wanted To Protect His People, He Should Have Stepped Down

In a heated debate regarding the Ukrainian invasion on who is right and wrong, The Fatboy Show Presenters James Onen aka Fatboy and Olive Najjuma have taken sides on the conflict as the Russian troops now surround the Ukrainian capital Kyiv in the second week of the invasion.

Fatboy opined that if President Volodymyr Zelenskyy had surrendered at the beginning of the war, he could have saved his country and people from all the ongoing destruction and deaths of civilians that are now totaling more than 2,000 according to the Sky News outlet.

The Presenter explained that even though Zelenskyy would appear as a coward had he stepped down, it would be better than him trying to be a hero while sacrificing the lives of his citizens well aware that Ukraine can't win the war.

“Russia’s problem is with the government of Ukraine and not its people. If Zelenskyy had agreed to step down, allowed Russia to install a transitional power and asked that his people be left out of the conflict, who would be a more responsible leader in the situation? The one who resigned in order to minimize casualties or the one that insists on fighting to death while grabbing every random person, grandmothers and children on the street while handing them machine guns because even children have been enlisted into this as child soldiers!” He explained to his Co-presenter Olive.

Similar to how President Ashraf Ghani fled Afghanistan when the Talibans advanced to Kabul, Fatboy added that although the president was seen as a coward, leaving Kabul minimized the risk of casualties among the civilian residents and so it could have been had Zelenskyy opted to leave at the onset of the conflict.

However, Olive said that even though the Russians claimed that their interest was the Ukrainian government and not citizens, they were consciously launching military attacks in civilian compounds killing innocent citizens.

“But wouldn’t you rather spend the rest of your life being called a coward knowing that you saved your people’s lives rather than trying to be a hero? You further plunge your country into an unwinnable war potentially leading to millions dead?” Fatboy asked.

However, Olive questioned Fatboy as to why he wasn’t calling out Putin and his government that started an unprovoked war, bombarding and killing civilians.

“I would have understood Zelenskyy’s response if Ukraine had been granted access to NATO and the EU. A Russian minister whose names were withheld said that their government had been planning the offensive for twelve months and had been warning Ukraine. So if you’re saying that Russia didn’t pre-meditate killing Ukrainian citizens, you are just trying to look the other way,” she argued.

Fatboy in response, said, “There are no saints in this game. Not even the US that is pretending to be a hero. On the issue of the invasion, it's an unfortunate act of aggression by Putin but I also feel that Zelenskyy is not helping the situation.”

Since the Russian military invasion of Ukraine last week from the three directions of North, South and East, several troops flooded into Ukraine and are so far bombarding the Ukrainian cities of Mariupol, Kharkiv, Luhansk, Kherson and Donetsk as they continue to advance towards Kyiv that has staged resistance and continues to be in Ukrainian hands.

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