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Fatboy: If Given The Chance, I’d Re-submit My National ID Photograph.

In Uganda, many people are shy to reveal their national IDs because of the pictures depicting their appearance in a different way.

Asked whether he would have his national ID photo changed, Fatboy responded that if he had the chance, he would submit one to reflect what he currently looks like.

“The picture I submitted for my national ID several years ago differs from how I look now. I was still overweight then which I am not now,” said Fatboy.

He explained that previously, when he was overweight, he had raised eyebrows and therefore presenting the same ID, continuously raised questions of whether it was him or not.

Olive Najjuma (Co-host) said she was content with the picture on her national ID because it doesn’t differ so much from her in person now.

“Some of us were born lucky. Honestly, I am comfortable because I have seen worse. For instance, for my previous workstation ID pictures, every time I would present it somewhere else, I would explain and assure them that it was me because I was also not sure if it was me,” Olive said.

Ronnie, a guest on the show said he wouldn’t mind keeping the photograph on his National ID. He was, however, concerned about how the National Identification and Registration Authority (NIRA) registrars care less about the appearance of the person in the photograph.

“They sit right there, put the camera in front of you, and take whatever photo they can. They never even care to do a second take,” Ronnie submitted.

Doreen, a caller on the show, said she would change the picture on her National ID if she got the chance as well.

“I look like someone with a tiny head and big ears.” When we were taking pictures for National IDs, the guy kept saying my ears had to be seen. So every time anyone asks for my national ID, I have to give a story behind it to prevent the shock that always comes with seeing it,” Doreen explained.

She also wished that NIRA filtered the photographs to have a picture that has little to no blemishes.

The Fatboy show is hosted by James Onen aka Fatboy, Olive, and Sarah every weekday from 6 am to 10 am on RX Radio.

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