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Fatboy: If Ever Men Needed A Reason Not To Marry, It's Sasha Kiwewesi’s Divorce Demands

Following a bitter split between City Pastor Isaac Kiwewesi and legal wife Barbra Sasha Kiwewesi, the duo’s court proceedings made headlines yesterday after Sasha made outrageous demands in their divorce proceedings.

Currently residing in the US with their three children, Sasha requested the Family Division at the High Court to instruct her husband to give her a monthly upkeep amounting to $3000, approximately shs.10.8 million for healthcare and education. She also asked to be given seven cars, seven plots of land, shares in his different companies, bank account savings and a matrimonial home in Kansanga.

Outraged by the demands, James Onen, the host of The Fatboy Show commented, “If ever men needed a reason to not get married, this is it.” Adding that, “I guess the pastor is going to learn a very painful lesson of the cost of marriage. Marriage doesn't come cheap, especially when it ends.”

Agreeing with Fatboy, Olive Najjuma, the show’s Co-host, said that although some demands were appropriate, others such as the seven cars and plots of land were inordinate.

“I understand the $3000 if she's living in the US with the children, that is like pocket change given the lifestyle they are used to here. But seven plots of land! Seven cars! She relocated to that side so is she going to drive the cars from the US?” Olive wondered.

Besides infidelity and other reasons, Sasha Kiwewesi in her justifications for a divorce accused the Pastor of giving her silent treatment for weeks, causing her emotional suffering.

“All relationships experience an impasse of couples not talking to each other. Both sides feel too proud to even start a conversation. So you spend weeks without talking and before you know it, you have ghosted each other and the relationship is no more. So, don't you think these things are kind of mutual?” Fatboy asked Olive.

However, Olive argued that although this happens, it cannot extend for long for marrieds living together. “If you're married and living in the same house, at some point, it can be days, but definitely not weeks. You live in the same house and talk to the children but ignore the mother or father yet they are also in the room? How? After sometime, you resume talking without even realisizing. Unless the pastor wasn’t going back home and not communicating with her,” she said.

Moving on, Fatboy encouraged married couples to learn from the mistakes of others by trying to settle unresolved disputes such that they don't end up divorced since the victims of dissolution are always the children.

Pastor Kiwewesi Isaac and Babra Sasha Kiwewesi got married on 30, June 2007 at Rubaga Miracle Center Church. However the couple’s marriage woes started 5 years ago eventually leading to the filing of the divorce case by Sasha.

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