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Fatboy: I wonder When The Police Will Ever Go On Strike

It isn't uncommon in Uganda for civil servants to strike over low salaries to demand pay raises.

The science teachers’ industrial action last week hit three weeks since they laid down tools over the delayed salary increment that was directed by President Museveni in August last year.

The Education Ministry on May 27, 2022, requested the teachers to be patriots and halt the strike as their increments were worked on.

Olive Najjuma said that the Ministry of Education needs to do more apart from assuring the teachers that their plea is being worked on.

“The Finance Ministry said that much as they were directed, they didn't have the money to put aside for salary increments. The 2022/ 2023 budget has now passed and the Education Ministry is stuck, they don't have the money. The Minister however says they are working on “enhancements'', she needs to be clearer and assures teachers that they have submitted a supplementary budget request,”

James Onen added, “so I guess the strike shall continue and the nurses will be joining in, and then the doctors and who knows after that, Police. I wonder when the police shall ever go on strike. They are one of the worst-paid civil servants. I guess the difference is they don't mind being underpaid because they know exactly how they'll make their money”

Olive said that it depends on what Police unit. The traffic police have been mentioned by a corruption report as the most corrupt.

“When I was in my senior six vacation, I used to work in a supermarket, and guess who would give us change? Traffic Police,” she said, as she burst out in laughter… “They always have a lot of money!”

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