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Fatboy: I've Never Been In A Long Distance Relationship Before

Whereas many can attest to having failed at long distance relationships, James Onen alias Fatboy isn't one of them.

The Fatboy Show segment with co-host Daniel Omara revealed that they had never known how it felt being in a long distance relationship wondering whether it worked or challenging as it sounds.

“I've never been in one myself, like you're dating someone and then they have to leave, or I leave the country or city, it has never happened to me,” Fatboy said.

Unlike Fatboy, Daniel disclosed that he had been in one which unfortunately failed to work out. He said that he would not try any other if such a situation came by.

“I have done long distance before and it still didn't work out so now I don't feel like investing much energy in something like that again. My mistake was trying to date someone in Nairobi while I was in Kampala,”Daniel said.

Laughing off the fact that the relationship wouldn't work when the two were in neighboring countries, Fatboy wondered whether Daniel’s relationship then qualified to be referred to as a long distance one given that the bombardiers are in operation and now it's a 30 minute flight to the city.

Daniel assured that it was actually a long distance relationship since it was 14 hours by bus and pretty expensive to fly in and out often. To save himself all this, he said that he would rather date someone in the country because it's cheaper.

However, Daniel cited a study done by Gretchen Kelmer, K. Rhoades, Scott Stanely and Howard Markman in 2013 which showed that people in long distance lovers are as satisfied or even more than their counterparts in close proximity relationships.

He thought the survey might have been carried out on introverts where the relationship would work perfectly. But when both partners or when one is outgoing, he believed that it was unworkable.

Fatboy in addition said that unless the study referred to relationships at particular stages, many relationships where partners are to be far from each other for prolonged periods would make it impractical for them to remain intact. However, he recognized that if the couple is willing to put in the work and effort, it could work for them.

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