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Fatboy: I still don’t understand our obsession with Covid-19

RX Radio Presenter James-Onen aka Fatboy has said the world reacted and is still reacting to Covid-19 pandemic in an inappropriate manner which is causing more harm than good.

In December 2019, China announced the outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic in Wuhan. Since then, the whole world has been under panic with most countries shutting down the economies and imposing lockdown on its citizens.

During the Thursday The Fatboy Show, James noted that despite what everyone says or believes, he believes Covid would have come and gone without countries imposing very restrictive measures against its citizens which have led to more people losing jobs, businesses collapsing and more people suffering depression.

“Covid-19 is not any worse than Malaria, AIDS, accidents, Cholera, hunger or any other cause of death and yet we have never seen a reaction like this. These restrictions that have been in place to contain this pandemic that has even less fatal rates are crippling economies especially ours that was doing bad already. I believe the attention and the obsession we are giving Covid-19 is totally uncalled for,” he said.

His co-host Olive Najjuma noted that the restrictive measures were necessary because contrary to other pre-existing diseases like malaria and HIV, Covid 19 was a new disease and there was no known way of containing it.

“When Aids had just come, Uganda and the world made the same noise about it, even malaria and cholera, besides you make it sound like COVID-19 19 hasn’t been fatal to many people. There are a lot of people that have lost their lives,” she said.

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