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Fatboy: I love my Current Weight

RX Radio Proprietor and presenter aka Fatboy has confessed that he feels much more comfortable with his new body size than he did when he was considerably overweight.

James Onen used to be chubby during his younger days on radio hence the nickname Fatboy. However, over the years, he has lost much of the weight and is now unrecognized to the old familiar eye. The 45-year-old presenter said that he feels proud of the progress he has made as far keeping a healthy body is concerned.

“At my age, this is the recommendable size, I feel healthier. If one is Fat in their youthful years, they might think it’s no problem but as one grows old, they will realise that a lot of weight is bad for their well-being and will be susceptible to ailments like hypertension," he said.

Fatboy received negative comments from social media users when he posted two comparison pictures of when he was fat and his current slim size. Most of the commenters felt he looked much better when he was fat which to him is unrealistic.

“Although I received negative comments, I am happy that this conversation about body weight is happening. I hope someone learns from my journey and is inspired to start on the journey of becoming healthy. From research that has been done in the west, overweight people in countries like the United States have been more affected by Covid-19,” he said.

Olive Najjuma, his co-host on the show while commenting on the topic said, “When you are fat, you already have a lot of health challenges like walking and breathing difficulty. That makes your body weak and in case a rare respiratory disease like Covid-19 attacks your body, your body resistance will be minimum, it is important for people to take their health seriously.”

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