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Fatboy: I have never prepared Posho in my house

Renown Radio Presenter and the RX Radio Proprietor has revealed that he does not like posho and has never prepared posh in his house.

While Posho is the staple food in some countries like Kenya and in some Ugandan families especially town dwellers because of its affordability and ability to satisfy one fast, Fatboy says he would never take posho on his own will.

“I hate posho. It’s not that I cannot eat it but I would never prefer posho if I had another choice,” Fatboy said on Tuesday’s The Fatboy Show.

Fatboy and his co-host Olive Najjuma were discussing the continued blockade of Uganda’s maize products by Kenya. Although the ban was lifted by the government of Kenya, Ugandan traders are still unable to export maize because most of them are yet to meet the strict conditions that Kenya put in place for anyone to export maize. As a result, there has been a shortage in supply of maize flour on the Kenyan side which has caused some tension as most Kenyans consider posho their staple food.

Commenting on the issue, Olive noted that the Ugandan traders needed to step up and ensure that their maize is of high quality that is fit for consumption.

“The traders and farmers responsibility is to ensure that the maize is kept in safe and recognized facilities. But Government also needs to do more to protect and encourage Ugandan traders and farmers. The country must find a way of ending this trade issue because many individuals are being affected on both ends,” she said.

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