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Fatboy: I failed to marry because I couldn’t find a willing housewife

RX Radio Presenter James Onen aka Fatboy has revealed the reason he is not married in his 40’s saying he wanted to marry a stay-home wife but couldn’t find a willing woman.

While on Monday’s The Fatboy Show, Fatboy said despite promises of a monthly allowance, none of the women he asked to marry him could agree to the condition of not working and being a house wife.

“I just wanted a woman that would stay home and look after my family but none of the girls I talked to were willing to leave their jobs to stay home, even after promising to take care of them and give them a monthly allowance,” Fatboy said.

Fatboy added that he has now given up on getting married and is only concentrating on making money

“I am now married to this job. I do not see myself getting married in the near feature but you never say never anyway,” he added.

His cohost, Olive Najjuma noted that it is wrong for a man to want a career woman to quit her job and be a stay house wife yet there are some women that love being house wives.

“I know a lot of women that love being house-wives as long as the man is taking good care of them. To them, family and taking care of their kids is more important. May be those are the women you should try to find instead of asking someone that loves working to quite and stay home. I predict that in the next five to 10 years, you will be married. I can’t see spending the rest of your life with a dog,” she said.

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