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Fatboy:I Failed To Find A Submissive Woman To Marry

Many people have often wondered why the renowned radio personality James Onen isn't married or willing to marry. Today on the Fatboy Show, Onen, also known as Fatboy, revealed that he is a bachelor because he failed to find a submissive woman.

Even though he finds himself dating, Fatboy said it doesn’t take long before he gets dumped because he insists on not getting married, more so because he doesn’t want to be under a woman’s control as many married men are.

“I’m traditional when it comes to my relationship dynamics. My wife, if there’s going to be one, must submit to me, and come on board acknowledging that she will be submitting to me. Does it mean she is to be my slave and jump when I say so? No. It means that in matters about our relationship, I have the final say and I make the final decisions,” he explained.

Much as he would be open to suggestions proposed by his wife, Fatboy emphasized that as a husband, he must have the final say on decisions made in a home but not the other way round.

His co-host Olive Najjuma posited that Fatboy’s definition of submission means he wants a woman he can control.

But in his argument, Fatboy explained that he is a type of husband that will take care of his wife in all aspects and only require submission in return, although most women he dates find themselves unwilling to do so.

“If someone was willing to submit to me, that person would probably be my wife right now. It's just that that woman no longer exists in Uganda and probably on the planet because of the female emancipation and independence movement,” he said.

Unlike a popular belief that relationships are partnerships inclusive of joint decision-making, Fatboy believes that marriage is an institution with structure, hierarchy, and order. And in the case of marriage, the head is the man who makes the final decisions and sometimes from suggestions made by his wife.

However, Olive argued that marriage can longer be run traditionally as an institution because of the changing times.

She said to Fatboy, “times have evolved but you still want a traditional kind of marriage. That can happen but the challenge is that you are dating evolved women and you want to put them back to places where they have fought to come from.”

“So here’s the solution; you can get a woman to marry but it won’t be the educated, independent, self-aware kind that most men are attracted to. You’ll have to find a girl that is not exposed to life and doesn’t know much about emancipation, and she will make you a good wife,” said Olive.

The Fatboy show is hosted by James Onen aka Fatboy, Olive, and Sarah every weekday from 6 am to 10 am on RX Radio.

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