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Fatboy: I’d Be Happy To Be A House Husband Under A Few Conditions

James Onen, aka Fatboy, amused listeners of The Fatboy Show when he said that he is okay being a househusband, although under certain conditions.

“I’d be very happy to be a househusband under certain conditions; that my wife does not nag me, she leaves for me a maid who will be doing all the housework. I’d instruct the maid on what to do, like cooking and cleaning, so that when my wife comes back, she finds the food readily prepared, the kids bathed, and I would have spent the whole day watching TV,” Fatboy said.

But his co-host Olive Najjuma said that it is a misconception to assume that women only sit and watch TV for the entire day as the maid does all chores.

She said that regardless of whether the home has a house help, it is uncommon to teach them how to do the chores from time to time.

She referred to her housekeeper, whom she has been with for eight years but continues to teach her how to do certain things, reasoning that, perhaps, Fatboy is lucky to have one that learns everything at once, and he does not keep on repeating himself.

James responded, “Well, it's more a case of me not being fussy. I am happy for her to do the bare minimum, and the reason she has probably stayed with me for all these years is that; I am not a very demanding boss. But if I had a wife in the house, I am sure she would have run the maid out of the house long ago.”

The duo was traversing the question of whether a woman could be okay having a househusband, presuming it is a marriage where the man is earning way less than his wife.

Olive said that considering the amount of money to be saved on childcare and the duties he would perform, perhaps she would consider having a househusband.

“Would you still have respect for this man?” Fatboy asked. “Because when it's the women pulling out the money, there’s a way respect for the man goes down,” he added.

Olive said, “you're right because honestly, I believe that women aren't meant to take care of the family financially. They are meant to nurture the family, take care of the children, husband, and home, then let the husband bring in the money. But times have changed. So if a woman is earning more, she will have to make some uncomfortable decisions, and letting a man become a househusband could be one of them.”

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