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Fatboy: I can’t be hurt by a woman anymore

RX Radio Presenter James Onen aka Fatboy has said he can longer be hurt in relationships because he never steps in wholeheartedly.

Fatboy while on Friday The Fatboy Show noted that since he stopped concentrating on love relations, he is more rational and now dates with more caution to avoid the emotional drama.

“I no longer attach a lot of emotions to relations. If my partner decided to quit, it’s a normal day for me. We can still be good friends because there was no serious attachment there. The reason we are seeing increasing cases of domestic violence and killings is because people are putting so much emphasis and focus on love relationships,” Fatboy said.

Fatboy together with his co-host Olive Najjuma were discussing a case where a primary teacher allegedly killed his wife and 2 year old son in lwengo and buried them in a pit latrine.

Police in lwengo District arrested the 45 year old primary teacher after recovering bodies of wife and son in a pit-latrine. It is alleged that the suspect, a teacher at kaboyo church of Uganda primary school killed his wife Rose katushabe and their two year old son following long domestic misunderstanding over unknown reasons.

Commenting on the same issue, Olive wondered why the man would kill his own son if he was annoyed with the wife.

“A lot of people are frustrated with relationships right now. They keep piling up their anger and end up committing such heinous crimes when they can’t take it anymore. My advice to people in love is to not put so much hope in one person ,” she said.

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