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Fatboy: I Don't Do Hookups

Fatboy, Presenter of The Fatboy Show, has said that he is not the type of person that does hookups, despite being unmarried.

He made the confession during the morning show on RX Radio as he and Lesham talked about the trendy hookup culture that seems to have wiped out genuine relationships.

“I'm not a hookup kind of guy even though I am unmarried; because personally hooking up is just not my thing. I always want to establish a connection with someone first before getting romantically involved with them,” disclosed Fatboy.

Moreso, he explained that the hookup culture is dangerous to society because of how it is sinking marriage rates as well as making women its chief victims.

“Women are bearing the brunt of this culture simply because men have gotten used to hooking up and moving on without even making any investments. So when a woman finally decides to settle with a man that genuinely loves and respects her, she doesn't find any,” he said.

Lesham then commented that through her experiences, she has learnt that the hookup ratio of women and men is equal; adding that women who have been through the hookup culture age tend to lower their standards yet men whom it favours are able to raise theirs because of the variety of options.

“Men know how to handle hookup culture. For instance when they are being pressured by their families to marry, it is always easy for them to choose from the available women who want to settle. Unlike men, women will get desperate when they reach a certain age and will just choose to settle with those they wouldn’t ordinarily choose under normal circumstances,” she elaborated.

The Fatboy show is hosted by James Onen aka Fatboy and Lesham Kenogo every weekday from 6am to 10am on RX Radio.

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