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Fatboy: How Would You React If You Saw A Bed Bug Crawling On Your Girlfriend’s Blouse?

Usually associated with filthiness, many humans detest the menace of bed bugs although avoiding them is almost impossible due to their small sizes and how they easily travel from person to person, house and luggage.

Today on The Fatboy Show, James Onen, commonly Known as Fatboy, asked his co-host Daniel Omara what he would do if he noticed that his girlfriend had one moving across her collar if he were leaning forward for a kiss.

“I’d first ask her if she takes taxis because that's the best way to spread them by the way. Apparently taxis have those things all over the place,” he replied.

The two arrived at the subject of bedbugs while commenting on one of Jordan Peterson’s mantras which says that, “You can't expect positive change in the world if you can’t apply the positive change in your life first.”

Fatboy quoted Jordan further for saying that “to apply positive change in your life, you can do that first by cleaning your room everyday. And by doing that you have organised a certain aspect of your life, that the mind will build onto and transfer to other endeavours such as work, friendships, relationships.”

Daniel in comment said that it is sound and rational logic unless a person works from their bed, on their backs and knees. But for a person like him who might stay at home seated on his bed typing something such as a comedy script, he would leave his bed un laid.

Fatboy further quoted a research study which showed that un-laid beds are actually healthier than neatly made beds, and among other things bed bugs have a hard time surviving in messy beds.

He said that although this could be physically healthier, it isn't mentally. Daniel in agreement said this was true considering the way bed bugs show up at unexpected moments to ruin a person’s reputation.

“They are a swag killer, like the moment someone sees a bed bug on you, it's over, you could show up in a Range Rover with a sparkly white shirt, the cleanest Versace suit but a bed bug on your collar, it's over,” he said.

Bed bugs are usually found in stuffed places and those that accommodate a lot of people. According to The PestWorld organisation, 59 percent of bedbugs are found in nursing homes, 47 percent in schools and daycare centres, 45 percent in college dorms, 36 percent in hospitals and 19 percent in public transportation.

The Fatboy show is hosted by James Onen aka Fatboy, Olive and Sarah every weekday from 6am to 10am on RX Radio.

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