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Fatboy: How Long Will The Stipends Given to Athletes Last?

Following the President’s decision to reward athletes that won medals in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics with monthly salaries, Fatboy has questioned the longevity of these rewards wondering as to whether they will be lifetime grants.

“Is this money gonna be a lifetime payment? Because 5 million shillings for Gold, 3 million for Silver and 1 million for the Bronze medalists would be a fair amount if they are to receive it for a lifetime” he urged.

Olive who is Fatboy’s Co-host on the show additionally said “I was also wondering because Olympics happen after a given period so is it up until the time they contest again or not?”

While speaking about the vehicles the President awarded to the athletes, Fatboy made reference to Dorcus Inzikuru, a former athlete who said the government needs to follow up incentives given to these people because of the effort they put into reaching such heights


“Recently, I was watching a video of Inzikuru, who has been long forgotten sadly yet she was one of the accomplished athletes a few years ago.”

Fatboy mentioned how she struggled so much to obtain the things pledged to her for her great performance. “I remember her crying out to the government when Arua land authorities wanted to construct a road through one of her houses which I thought was crazy,” he added.

Fatboy urged that when the President makes these pledges, there needs to be follow-up. “Anyone tasked to provide these items should do their job and make sure they are delivered,” he concluded.

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