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Fatboy: How Is It That BebeCool Always Finds Himself In Altercations?

Last weekend, star singer and National Resistance Movement (NRM) Presidential adviser Moses Ssali alias Bebecool was involved in a scuffle that almost got him shot by one Captain Namara. This followed a verbal exchange that ensued after Namara scratched the musician’s car.

The altercation occurred last Saturday when Captain Namara scratched Bebecool’s car at the City Bar park yard in Ntinda, leading to a standoff in which Captain Namara is claimed to have drawn out his pistol. The situation was stabilized when a policeman intervened, apprehended Captain Namara, and took him to Ntinda Police station.

It is alleged that shortly after, men in plain clothes besieged the police station to rescue their colleague and put gunpoint from the police officers and Bebecool, who was later ordered to vacate the premises. According to the Kampala Metropolitan deputy spokesperson Luke Owoyesigire, 9 police officers have been arrested in regards to the incident for escalating it.

Commenting on the incidents, RX Radio presenter James Onen dubbed Fatboy wondered why Bebcool is always involved in similar scuffles.

“I can see how the situation went down in a messed up way, but man, how come Bebecool is always able to find himself in these altercations? Because I think he must have castigated and provoked the guy to whip up a pistol. I don’t think it’s normal for anyone to just do that when they have scratched someone’s car,”

Olive discerned a power struggle between Captain Namara and Bebecool. She said that if Captain Namara had the nerve to pull out his pistol during the altercation and had people rescue him by putting the whole police station at gunpoint, it makes one wonder who has closer ties with the President between the two.

Fatboy guessed it was Bebecool. But Olive supposed it was Captain Namara. “ It takes some degree of confidence and association with people who matter to attempt something like that to a person who you know is highly connected.” she also believed it was something to do with their egos as men.

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