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Fatboy: How Is Dating Different From Prostitution?

Fatboy is of the view that the lines between dating and prostitution are getting blurry because of the fact that they both involve the spending of money.

The conversation between the RX Radio Presenter and his co-host Lesham was derived from a law in Sweden which was passed criminalizing the hiring of prostitutes while maintaining that prostitutes themselves are still legal. The law was justified by the fact that women pursue the industry due to uncertain circumstances and are thus shown sympathy unlike men who encourage the industry which ends up enabling human and child tafficking of underaged girls that are forced into prostitution.

Fatboy went on to ask Lesham how different it would be from spending money to entertain a woman on dates compared to a woman he got by the roadside. Lesham responded by saying: “Because this lady did not solicit it for you and she didn't advertise herself for you to buy her services, you offered. And that is the difference, because in dating a person who was minding her business and by engaging them in yours, you have to justify it,” she explained.

However, Fatboy asked if it would count as prostitution if he offered a woman money and asked to sleep with them. Lesham, in response, said that that would be sex work but not prostitution since the latter involves offering to engage in sexual relations yet the former results from a man’s admiration for the woman.

“I wonder whether the industry is still viable given that women are now very expressive about their sexuality and aren't putting up the same hurdles like they used to do in the past,” Fatboy said. Lesham then went on to argue that some men are still complaining that it’s too expensive to date yet one is unsure of whether it will yield any ‘fruit,’ unlike prostitution which is clear-cut and uncomplicated.

The Fatboy show is hosted by James Onen aka Fatboy, Olive, Sarah and Lesham every weekday from 6am to 10am on RX Radio.

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