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Fatboy: Having Responsible Children Starts With How You raise Them

James Onen aka Fatboy has advised parents to raise their children well if they want them to be responsible.

He made the remarks following the death of 16-year-old James Kakonso, a senior student at Bugulumbya Senior Secondary School, after the father of his alleged girlfriend found them standing together by the roadside.

Reports indicate that Benon Ntalo found kakonso and his daughter standing by the roadside and chased the boy. While running, someone shouted 'thief' and the boy who was now being chased by a mob fell into a ditch that beat him to his death.

Fatboy said that even though he understood that Benon wanted to protect his daughter, getting the young boy killed was a callous act.

"If he had just chased him and the boy maybe fell into a ditch, that would be understandable but going on to beat him from there was just uncalled for," he said.

"If you want your daughter to grow up responsible, I think it starts with how you raise them and the relationship between you two. If you have raised them to respect themselves, you wouldn't have to worry that someone would mislead them because she would conduct herself in a way that would discourage such men from approaching her. If they did, she wouldn't give them any attention," he added.

Olive Najjuma, the co-host of the show, agreed with Fatboy saying fathers play a pivotal role in the growth and behavior of their girl-children.

"The relationship fathers have with their daughters teaches them how a woman should be treated. The things she should stand for. If you have a daughter who knows you provide for her needs even when you don't have, she won't be hoodwinked by every Tom, Dick, and Harry," she said.

Additionally, Olive condemned the mob Justice that led to the death of Kakonso.

"Some people say, if someone is a thief and beaten to death, others will not steal. My argument is, what if the person killed is innocent like this boy?" She asked.

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