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Fatboy: Government’s Plan to build a satellite station is Bizarre

RX Radio Presenter James Onen aka Fatboy has said Uganda’s government plan to build it’s own satellite station is misguided, unreasonable and will probably not be successful.

Information and Communications Technology, Minister Judith Nabakooba yesterday announced that Cabinet had approved a proposal to build the first ever Satellite Station in Uganda. The project is hoped to help in developing Uganda’s space capabilities and “leverage Space Science and Technology for Sustainable Development,” Nabakooba said.

According to a communique from the cabinet meeting, the project is planned to among others improve the country’s defence and security “through improved capabilities for cross border movement monitoring and surveillance for the Country.”

While on Friday’s the Fatboy Show, Fatboy said that considering the many challenges the country has in providing even the basic necessities to the citizens, venturing into such an expensive and unproductive project would be a mishap for the country.

“We have hospitals that are ill equipped, we can’t even afford Covid-19 vaccines for the citizens, health workers are going without salaries, small businesses are collapsing and instead of focusing on the current challenges, the government is venturing into an expensive project that is not even necessary at this point? This is real bizzare, we need to get our priorities right,” Fatboy said.

His co-host Olive Najjuma noted that the project, if it actually kicks off will be mulled with corruption and will probably collapse immediately after being launched.

“I think government and it’s officials are just looking for another way to seek more loans and grants so they have more money to swindle. Venturing into such a project with all the challenges that Uganda has is just ridiculous,” She said.

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