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Fatboy: Government’s Covid-19 Measures Were Influenced By Interests Of Media Owners

On today’s Fatboy Show, RX Radio Presenter James Onen argued that Covid-19 coverage and attention by the media houses was done to promote their interests and to whitewash the extreme measures that governments took.

According to Fatboy, media houses broadcasted Covid-19 with facts from experts tailored to their agendas while ignoring medical evidence that could have been used to enable the world to live and co-exist with the disease.

“The experts that media houses decided to cite were claiming to have no solution to the virus yet the majority of the doctors and clinicians had alternative views of dealing with Covid but were just not given a platform to express their views.”

He added, “Their interviews would be deleted from YouTube, and they were accused of medical misinformation yet now we are rounding down to initially proposed solutions of learning to live with the virus, understanding that it has a high survivability rate and the need to protect the more vulnerable, as it had been claimed from day one.”

According to Fatboy, multi-billionaires who own media houses and stakes in pharmaceutical companies influenced the information given to the public, arguing that they bankroll organizations such as the World Health Organization and the Food and Drug Authority (FDA) which ‘regulates’ them.

“When you look at the lockdown policies, these greatly benefitted big tech companies such as Amazon, Facebook and Microsoft. These are the same guys who own stakes in pharmaceutical companies and also own media companies such as the MSNBC owned by Microsoft and the Washington Post owned by Jeff Bezos. Clearly, it could be seen that they coordinated what was put out there to promote a certain narrative of lockdowns and vaccines,” Fatboy commented.

The Presenter said that people should be skeptical of future tragedies, questioning beneficiaries of their created policies and information given in their context.

In addition to this, Olive Najjuma, the Co-host of the show asked Fatboy whether he thought that the big tech companies conspired to create the Covid-19 virus, to which Fatboy replied that when the pieces are added together, they point to this.

The two Presenters arrived at the conclusion as they were commenting on the Government’s appeal to schools to provide special rooms to breastfeeding learners who got pregnant due to the Covid-19 induced lockdown, which Fatboy rather believed that the lockdown was instituted by other actors than Covid.

Olive, in support of the directive, believed in it’s practicability since in districts like Bushenyi where the call was made, schools are kilometers away from the homes where the children would have been taken for breastfeeding.

“It is a good venture for mothers staying near schools as compared to their boarding counterparts but also, parents of these teenage mums need to help in taking care of their grandchildren during this period,” she advised.

The Fatboy show is hosted by James Onen aka Fatboy, Olive, Sarah and Lesham every weekday from 6am to 10am on RX Radio.

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