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Fatboy: Government Policies In Handling Covid 19 Have Not Been Scientific At All

The Fatboy Show Presenter, Fatboy, has said that government policies in managing Covid-19 have not been at all scientific as claimed.

This was during the morning show where Fatboy and Olive commented on the statements made by ICT Minister Chris Baryomunsi who mentioned that the government is not sorry for keeping schools closed since March 2020 since managing Covid was being based on science and they won't be forced to reopen them if it is against the scientific evidence.

Fatboy, in disregard of the minister’s statements, argued that government policies don’t indicate what science says about the disease and how it can be managed. He said that as other leaders rushed to close everything down, others calmly decided to handle the situation based on expert opinions.

“In the US state of Florida, the Governor is in the limelight because he objectively handled the Covid-19 situation based on pure scientific evidence. Science told us that particular demographics were at higher levels of succumbing to the disease, how children are less vulnerable to Covid and how it is a seasonal endemic that will come in waves,” Fatboy said.

“Governor Ron DeSantis’ approach to Covid was different because he used scientific evidence to protect the most vulnerable, as he also embarked on therapeutic treatment. He left schools open without mask or vaccine mandates yet today, his state remains the lowest in number in regards to hospitalizations and death rates compared to other states. This shows that his approach was not only scientific and pragmatic but also practical which many leaders can say,” He added.

Olive, the co-host of the show, too said that the government boasts of having managed Covid 19 numbers and death rates yet it has kept schools closed for 77weeks and for the longest period in Africa. She added whereas countries such as South Africa remain with the highest infection rates on the continent, Uganda is the only country that has kept its schools closed.

According to Fatboy, Uganda being the country with the youngest demographics, limited Covid 19 infections and death rates were inevitable.

“I don’t know why the Minister is claiming to use Science yet this factor alone proves that Uganda was (is) likely to register much fewer hospitalizations and deaths. In countries were thousands were dying daily, life expectancy there was high making millions of aged people easily succumb to Covid 19. This is why our risk factor towards hospitalizations and deaths cant be compared to that of Italy or Spain.

The Fatboy show is hosted by James Onen aka Fatboy, Olive, Sarah and Lesham every weekday from 6am to 10am on RX Radio.

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