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Fatboy: Government Officials Deserve the Sanctions from other Countries

The European Union (EU) Parliament recently recommended sanctions against Ugandan individuals and organisations they claim are responsible for human rights violations during the recent general election, which it said wasn’t democratic and transparent.

This is the latest in the fallout between the West and the government that has seen President Museveni and a number of his government officials castigating unnamed Western powers over what they call interference in the affairs of Uganda.

In a letter dated January 2, that was leaked recently, it emerged that President Museveni instructed the Ministry of Finance to suspend the activities of the Democratic Governance Facility (DGF), a basket fund of European countries that bankrolls most Ugandan civil society organisations that work on governance, rights and related themes.

According to James Onen aka Fatboy, the decision by the EU is justified considering how unreasonable some of the decisions by government officials are.

"Some of these politicians make decisions without thinking about their cost on the citizens. It's good that these sanctions are levelled on individuals and not the whole country. Maybe they will now learn. If they are blocking people's and organisations' money, then they should also be blocked,” he said.

His co-host, Olive Najjuma said that the sanctions may come in handy since the officials may not be in position to globe trot for reasons like health care. “Who knows, maybe this will force them to make certain services better or even easily accessible and affordable for the entire nation,” she said.

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